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Handmade Easter Card Ideas 2024

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These personalized and adorable homemade Easter card ideas will bring smiles to adults, kids and babies alike.

Sending Easter cards to friends and family has been a tradition for over a hundred years. The Victorians were the first to send cards to show love at this important time of year. Today, you can carry on this custom with a lovely art handmade greeting card that captures the essence of the spring garden.

From the very earliest Easter cards, specific images have become intertwined with the holiday – flowers, eggs, chicks, birds, the Easter Bunny or pink rabbit. Mailing cards depicting these images convey a message of new life and hope to the recipient, and now, you can share that message with your loved ones with a gorgeous card from my uniquely designed and handmade collection

There’s no better time of year to commemorate the season with natural materials. After all, spring is the time of nature’s rebirth after the harshness of winter. That’s why I’ve developed these nature-inspired, luxury Easter cards handmade with love using precious, eco-friendly organic resources. 

These Handmade Special Easter cards are: 

  • Full of colour, unique handmade gifts that are crafted with care.

  • Fold, blank inside for your own personal Easter message.

  • Crafted from organic, natural materials, including acorns, cotton circuits, wood, cork, paper, and feathers.

  • 5” x 7” in measurement.

  • Supplied with an envelope.

  • Designed with eco-friendliness in mind in Bollington, UK, from recycled materials.

  • Free Royal Mail UK delivery is available for all items.


Whether you celebrate Easter yourself or want to remind someone special that you love and care for them, one of these cute Easter Cards with great details will surely raise a smile and warm the heart as the sunshine brings new life to the Earth. The intricate patterns and vibrant colours of these cards make them a perfect way to add a touch of joy and festivity to the occasion. Click and shop today for our favourite religious and unique, not religious, Easter cards. Please note that our Hoppy Easter Cards are exclusively handcrafted without printing or stamps, however we can sell in set for 2 or more. Our commitment to creating authentic and original cards means you will always find something like ours in the market.

We take great pride in our skilled artisans, who pour their heart and soul into each card to ensure they are truly unique and personalised. Let the vibrant spirit of springtime awaken joy and renewal this Easter! Celebrate the season with an unforgettable touch by sending our exclusive handmade cards. Don't settle for anything less than exceptional Easter wishes adorned with the delicate beauty of craftsmanship. Share the season's warmth with our unique designs crafted to leave a lasting impression. Embrace the magic of springtime and Easter with our one-of-a-kind holiday cards, making this celebration truly special. Please note that we don't offer tutorials, pop-up Easter cards, cutting, printable Easter Bunny, or related Easter egg cards; we specialize in unique, handcrafted Easter decorations and gifts. Order from our store today, and as a result, you'll receive an unforgettable gift!

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